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Museum at Portland Head

Museum at Portland Head Facts

The lighthouse at Portland Head was first lit in 1791. It became automated in 1989. Until then it was continuously manned and the light still operates to this day.

The museum at Portland Head contains artifacts and memorabilia relating to the Portland Head Light. Several of the past lenses and other lighting apparatuses are on display in the museum, as are objects from other points in the light's history, such as artifacts relating to the Annie C. Maguire and its mysterious shipwreck.

The museum is located in what was previously the light keeper's house. The current house was built in 1891, though other existed on the same spot before it. The house was lived in until the light became automated in 1989. Apart from the museum and the tower itself there is also a giftshop located nearby which runs the same hours as the museum.

Museum Hours:
Memorial Day - Columbus Day:
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. daily